Corporate Sponsoring

« Form a collection of contemporary art, embellish your waiting rooms and halls and save money on your taxes. »

Benefit of tax deductions allowed for the purchase of original works of art from a living artist. If you are a legitimate business or corporation and wish to display works of art within your offices, there are definite tax advantages available to you through article 238 bis AB of the French General Tax Code.

Businesses that purchase original works of living artists and enroll in an asset account immobilized can deduct the result of the acquisition period and the next 4 years, in equal installments, an amount equal to the purchase price.

To qualify for the deduction, the company must disclose in a place accessible to the public or employees, with the exception of their private offices, the artwork acquired for the period corresponding to the exercise of acquisition and the following 4 years.


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Private Sponsoring

« Constitute a collection of contemporary art and save on your taxes. »


Art works purchased for private collections can also have taxable benefits. A reduction of taxes of 66% of the cost of the works of art with the annual limit of 20% of the taxable income, with a possible report in the next 5 following years.