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Annick Puvilland

Le Progrès

September 30th 2015


Denis Tavel

Le Progrès

August 27, 2014




Denis Tavel

Le Progrès

August 18, 2014


« I absolutely love the images you are creating. What a marvelous series you have brought forth for all to see! Your volume of work is amazing and the style and look is so consistent over the entire portfolio. That style is fabulous and you are great at rendering. Your use of raw colour, you capture the moment with those penetrating eyes etc etc. Wonderful! Your paintings may be inspired by a photograph somewhere, but you are adding your own emotional reactions which makes the results so exciting. ».

Walter Swarthout


February 2014



“ The “haute peinture” of Michaela Gerlaud... From her past modelling and styling experiences, she has kept a certain taste of aesthetic and a care of detail which, added to a sensual and elegant stroke, has established her trademark, her label, to speak high fashion. The eye is magnetized by the canvasses in her studio... A choice pleasing to the eye, felicitous for art, it's a rich and inspired painting that seduces in a cocktail of colors... Michaela Gerlaud shows a great sureness of line, of detail also... But if the stroke and contours are precise like those of a photography, they become supple and alive after the prism of the artist's hand. Her portraits of stylish and always sensual women trigger an explosion of colors. They wander on the canvass, in rich vivid strokes of reds, mauve, of such an achieved realism that the hand would almost try to reach the canvas and touch them. ».

Michel Tolleron

Le Journal du Centre

« The portrait of the week »

July 1997


« Long-limbed and fluid women, centered like photos of feminine magazines... Highliht of some details and this feeling of bareness that aspire to peacefulness... Models the face of which we discover, painted with a zest of mystery that could make them « femmes fatales »... ».

Michel Ragon

La Voix du Sancerrois

July 1997


« From Fashion to Painting, From New-York to La Charité-sur-Loire... Women of sensual curves in subtile light... These women with models'stature – of course - are not lovingly painted by a man, but most faithfully by a woman, Michaela Gerlaud... So she means to exorcize years of a modelling life, when one is submitted to the other's gaze... She paints serene, her sensitivity still on edge, paintings of shades and light...”.

Patrick Denis

L'Echo Charitois

July 1997


« To speak of life, silent life, methodical and rhythmic, life with a gaze of fire, this is the life that paints Michaela Gerlaud, in the magnificence of colors and strictness of lines ; it is a world one would like to slip into but only if we deserve it. ».


Contemporary Master




« Tradition from Burgundy and New-york modernism have contributed to fashion her personality. Michaela Gerlaud in inscribed in the figurative stylistic. With her painting she extends and orients the seek of style initiated in New-york. Faithful and fatal, she is woman. Her painting breathes the life of all of us, to be or to imagine... In the humanity of her environment, she escapes from the prohibited while painting the humane environment. She retraces pieces of nature. Woman, who are you to have become embedded in the canvas and you seam wanting to taunt me ? Present and future you should be frozen like a wax statue and yet you are alive... Fluid, fatal, muse and discrete, almost too beautiful, Michaela Gerlaud's women atomize their environment... The setting-up generate a bouquet that never fades and in which reflects the mirror of our fervent expectations. ».

Yves Gaudin





« Her interpretations with expressionist tendancies were starting to assert themselves. The colors in half-tones were letting natural sunlight appear as she breathed it. Michaela Gerlaud awakened in my eyes the visions of the Master with a cut ear from Saint-Rémy de Provence... It was for me an enchantment to see a young talent born, the future of which appears very promising, and already confirmed by many awards. ».

Georges Dargaud


June 1990