I revisit the art of portrait, while injecting a touch of mystery and sensuality. The concept of beauty has a predominant role in my work. I launched my self in an obsessive quest of the perfect visage. To name these faces, paint them one by one to transfom them, appropriate them with love. This furious desire to paint is like an imperious "retour sur image" on my international career in fashion and communication.

With my depiction of reality, there is a crucial function : paint modern life. My personal signature defines itself as a mix of fashion, art and pop culture. 

My passion of fashion and painting inspire me to create figurative portraits of men or women, rich in colors. From primary colors I invent my own. My brush interprets fashion and advertising creations, with acrylic, the speed of drying which I appreciate and on square canvasses, the format I have adopted.

« The « haute peinture » of Michaela Gerlaud... From her past modelling and styling experiences, she has kept a certain taste of aesthetic and a care of detail which, added to a sensual and elegant stroke, has established her trademark, her label, to speak high fashion. » comments the columnist Michel Tolleron.


m.gerlaud la cycliste 400

The cyclist Acrylic on canvas 23.62 x 23.62 inches